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On-Line Private Training Classes

Get the training you need it when you need it most
More flexible scheduling
Notes and recorded playback for reference
No special technology or skills needed
Why on-line private dog training classes?

There’s no doubt that we are all facing a very demanding time due to COVID-19.  An added challenge is that we are home a lot more, with the entire family, including our dogs.  This can be tough for many reasons:  juggling work, kids, school, and homebound life.  We can help you and your dog so that there’s one less thing to worry about.  We can give you the training you need when you need it.  We work together, live, on-line, in your home, where you and your dog learn best.  We use the same principles and exercises to help your dog become the best family member that he can be.

What is on-line dog training? 

You and I log Zoom with our phones, tablets, or laptops.  We can see and hear each other, dogs included!  We work through the topics, questions, and exercises, just as we do in-person.   You get the same professional training experience, with greater flexibility and the ability to replay the class later.


Do you need special software?

When you click on the link that I send you, you'll be asked to download Zoom and you'll be up and running in minutes.  Before our class, just make sure your camera, microphone, and video are working on the device you use (cell phone, tablet, or laptop).

Do you need to be on social media?


No, you don't need any social media accounts.

How do we start and what's the cost?

Contact us to set up our first class.  You can call, email, text, or message us on Facebook.  That first class is approximately 1.5 hours, $100.  By the end of that class, you will have notes and actions to get you started.

Packages of Classes are:

3 class package is $300

5 class package is $485

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