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Puppy chewing a sock

Puppies are learning from day one, whether you are teaching them or not.  

Paw Pack will help you and your puppy get started on a great relationship by taking advantage of your puppy's eager desire to learn.   We would love to start with you from day 1, at 8 weeks old!  The sooner you start working with your puppy, the easier it is to create the behaviors you like and want.  We start with an initial class/meeting and then offer 3 &5 class packages.  Here's what we can cover in 5 classes (we can customize this list based on your goals):
  • Impulse Control & Obedience

    • Teach your pup to say please instead of jumping up and demanding things

    • Teach your pup "Leave It"

    • Safely playing Tug/Fetch

    • Sits/Downs with quick response

    • Sit Stays/Down Stays

    • Exiting cars and/or crates (kennels)

  • Socialization & Interaction

    • How to socialize your pup - the Do's & Don'ts

    • How to help a shy, fearful, anxious pup

    • How to create a confident adult dog through building trust & confidence

  • Recall

    • Creating a solid recall:  Name Game, Find Me, Round Robin, & Race Back to Me

    • How to fix a broken recall (targeting)

  • Resource Guarding

    • Food, toy, & bone guarding

    • Create safe meal times for all family members (including children) 

  • Handling Your Puppy Thief

    • What to do when your puppy steals your things

  • Potty Training

  • Crate (Kennel) Training

  • Polite Greetings

    • Avoiding and/or eliminating jumping up on people

  • Walking on Loose Leash

  • Go to bed, mat, or crate

  • Managing puppy chewing and nipping

  • Handling

    • how to prepare your pup for vet visits and grooming (whether it’s professional grooming or home grooming)  The less stressful these are for your pup, the easier they are for you, the better they are for your pup and the vet/groomer

  • Helping Children Understand the Do's & Don't of Having a Puppy

    • how to play with the puppy​

    • what to do when the puppy is chasing & nipping

    • how to help train the puppy

  • Foundations of Training:

    • Marker-reward based training, operant conditioning, thresholds, classical conditioning, addressing fear, building confidence & trust in your pup as he matures into an adult

  • Puppy to Adult Dog Development

    • what to expect through puppy stages, including how to deal with your puppy as he goes through the "teenage" months

    • meeting your pup's enrichment needs, whether it's 100 or -10 degrees outside to avoid having your furniture "antiqued" or being "doggie decorated"


We want to help you create a solid, trusting bond that will last a lifetime.


Our first meeting is about 1-1.5 hours long, $100.  Be sure to have everyone who lives with your pup there so that we can get everyone's input and get everyone on the same page to help you and your puppy succeed!

Based on your needs, we offer:

3 Class Package:  $300

5 Class Package:  $485


“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”  ~~Bernard Williams

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