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The "magic" and "Secret"

to successful dog training is the science of

clear, patient, & persistent communication

Obedience competition, group stays.

We use the science of animal learning and behavior coupled with your unique needs to create the best training plan for you.  In terms of learning theories, we use both operant and classical conditioning as part of a reward-based program that is effective for both you and your dog.  We keep things simple and straightforward so that you understand not only how to communicate and work with your dog, but how to do it all the time, not because you are holding a treat.

Barking yorkie

Without knowing how to communicate with your dog, life can feel insane & frenzied


No matter if he is a 3 lb or 150 lb dog

No matter if she is a pup or an adult

No matter the breed

Your dog can learn!

Living with your dog doesn't need to be a battle of wills,

nor should it be a testament to human supremacy,

nor constant begging and bribing.

With Paw Pack, you and your dog learn how to communicate with each other in small, simple steps.  Training doesn't require hours each day;  we'll show you how to make it a part of your daily life, like brushing teeth or eating dinner.


Paw Pack doesn't charge large upfront fees.  Pay by the class or for a package of sessions.  Living with your dog is a life-long commitment and that is why training and working with your dog should be a natural part of life.


 "Folk will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog!" ~~ Charles F. Doran

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