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In support of Colorado's efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are offering consultations and classes on-line, as well as in-person.  ​Learn more about the classes and pricing at Paw Pack On-Line Classes.

Your safety, your dog’s safety, your family’s safety and my own are important. 


For all in-person classes:

  • If you and/or those who will be present during the training have covid-like symptoms or have been in touch with someone who has covid or have had a positive covid test within the last 10 days, we will find a new date and time to meet.

Committing to driving to a class at a pre-set date & time, every week for 6 to 8 weeks can be a real challenge with work, kids, and a busy life.  Committing to a class when your dog is overly enthusiastic, excited or shy or reactive in new places or with groups of people and dogs can make that challenge incredibly difficult to overcome.  Often, these problems prevent people from training their dogs and yet it's the very reason they want to get training!

Private dog training allows you and your dog to learn where you are most comfortable – in and around your home and neighborhood.  Whether you need basic manners and skills or a solution to a problem or to address behavioral issues, we start right in your living room and then take the training to where you need it – whether that’s at the front door, around the block, at the park, or in town.

We work around your schedule as much as possible.  We show you how to make training a part of everyday life.  When training doesn't feel like a chore, it becomes a more successful way to enjoy your dog and a better way for your dog to enjoy life too!

If you find that your dog gets over-excited, or is shy, fearful, anxious, reactive, or showing aggressive behaviors, with private training we work to create a more confident dog and create a trusting relationship between you and him.  Often, it’s changing these two things that enable you to succeed and have the dog you want.  We use specific skills to address your needs and your dog’s needs.  With positive reinforcement and the right management techniques, we aim to change your dog’s emotional and behavioral responses to the triggers of those problem behaviors.

You may be thinking - how many classes do I need?  There isn’t pressure upfront to commit to classes right now.  When we meet the first time, we may find that your issue can be resolved right there.  Great!  Or, perhaps your goals require more time.  We will work together to identify the best plan for you, your dog, your goals, and your lifestyle.  We want you to succeed and will do everything we can to support you.

Our first class is approximately 1.5 hours, $100.  By the end of that class, you will have notes and actions to get you started.

Packages of Classes are:

3 class package is $300

5 class package is $485


We accept paypal, cash, or check.  ​We provide a discount for adopted dogs/rescues;  let us know the rescue and/or humane society that you adopted through.

Puppy Essentials


Do you have a new puppy?  Paw Pack can help you and your pup get off to a great start from potty training to polite leash walking.

Rescue dog
Rescues & Adoptions


Have you brought a new dog into your family via adoption or rescue?  Learn what to do to create the best bond.

Agility dog taking a jump.
Training Philosophy


Paw Pack is committed to helping you train your dog in the most successful,  efficient way possible.

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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~~ Maria Robinson

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