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Bringing a dog into your family through a rescue, shelter, or humane society is a beautiful and loving choice.  Paw Pack can help you and your dog get on the right road to a wonderful life-long bond. 


There are some differences with bringing home a rescue:


  • Your adopted dog may be older (adolescent puppy, adult dog, or geriatric) and his needs are different from an 8-week old puppy

  • Your rescue dog likely has experiences that have shaped how he behaves and responds in your family

  • Your and your rescue dog will go through a transition period, where you will both learn about each other and create the communication you need to live happily together.


We aim to help you create trust and confidence in your dog so that as he grows in your family, you enjoy life together.  To start, we go through skills and behaviors that enable you and your dog to work together, while growing trust and confidence. 


Based on your dog's needs and your goals, we put together a plan for what training you need.  It could be basic manners (recall, sit/down, stay, loose leash walking, & greetings) and/or addressing behavioral concerns such as fearfulness, resource guarding, or on-leash reactivity.

Contact Paw Pack today.  We also offer a discount for adopted and rescued dogs.  Let us know the humane society/rescue you adopted through.

Aspen's collar

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~~ Mohandas Gandhi

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