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The Secret to Dog Training is....

Are you as excited as this fella to learn the secret?

Ask yourself this: what is the secret to weight loss?

Most of us think of the dreaded answer: "diet & exercise". But is that really the right answer? How many of us have turned our gym memberships into "donation centers"? Our home gyms into expensive clothing racks? Truly, the secret to losing weight isn't "diet and exercise". Instead, it's patient persistence.

How is this related to dog training?

Because dog training and weight loss share "Patient Persistence". Unlike weight loss programs, dog training is a heck of a lot more fun! So no more sad thoughts on calorie counting and running miles – turn your thoughts to a happy life with your dog!

You have a partner, a best buddy, a family member in your life whose entire world depends upon what you make of it. Your dog can be your running partner, your couch potato, or both – he's just happy to be with you! It's your job to teach him how to behave so that both of you are happy to share in those activities.

With weight loss programs, there are probably thousands of different choices of diets and exercise plans – from pills to cleanses to yoga classes to boot camps. Whether you research 3 of them or 1000, there comes a point when you have to pick one and go with it. A similar idea is true for dog training.

There are many ways to train your dog to come when called, to sit for greetings, etc. There are many different dog trainers. Just like there are different ways to get a cardio workout, there are different dog training ideas. Talk with trainers, find the one you understand, but also, who understands you – what you want from your dog, from your life with your dog – and start training. If there are any secret steps to dog training, it's in doing these 3 things:

1. Know your dog's paycheck and pay him well regularly

2. Be clear, patient, and persistent

3. Incorporate training into your daily life

Dog training can be fun, interesting, and easy to incorporate into your daily life. No matter the trainer you select, be sure you are comfortable with him/her and with what you are advised to do. Very importantly, be sure that the trainer understands what you want to accomplish – how you want to live with your dog. So go out there, find the trainer, and take the most important step – start training your dog, using patient persistent clear communication.

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